Thursday, February 3, 2011

Positive Thinking and All That Stuff

The snow keeps falling and the pain keeps getting worse.  It literally hurts to breathe right now so that should tell you how much moving hurts.  Days like this make me wonder how I can keep living with Fibromyalgia, but then I remember I've had days like this before and I made it through them.  I may cry and I may wish I was dead, but tomorrow is a new day.  If I'm in pain tomorrow then the next day is a new chance to feel better.

Positive thinking is hard as hell to do when you have a chronic illness, but it's the difference between living and dying.  I could spend the rest of my life feeling like it's the end of the world.  I could refuse to get out of bed.  I could refuse to accept that I'm sick, but all this will do is kill me.  I may feel like I want to die sometimes, but I don't want to die.  I want to live despite my illness.  I don't want to die because of it.

Life is beautiful even when a chronic illness makes it a little hard to handle sometimes.  Find your strength, find your peace and find yourself.  LIfe is what you make it.  Don't lay down and die when you still have the ability to stand up and fight.


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