Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bad Day with a Stupid Chair

It’s going to be one of those damn days.  I can already feel it.  My pain level is high and I can’t seem to turn my brain on today.  I’m about to throw my desk chair out of the window.  It has to be the most uncomfortable chair in the world.  Not only is it uncomfortable, but it makes these very loud strange noises every time I move.  It’s quite distracting. 

I’m hoping if I keep typing something meaningful might flow out, but I don’t think it’s going to happen this morning.  I just can’t seem to get functioning today.  It’s dark and dreary here, with more rain on the way, so I just want to go back to bed.

I hope everyone is functioning better than me! Be brilliant!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

It Could Always Be Worse

I’ve been going through a lot of crap lately, but it could be worse.  I try to always remember that when folks are testing my patience and my illnesses are on my last nerve.  It’s hard sometimes though, because I’m human and I have my faults.  When I get tired, I’m tired and the next big thing or sometimes even something small can push me right over the edge.  It’s not pretty when I flip out either.  I’m pretty sure I look like someone who should be locked up in a psych ward in the middle of nowhere during these moments.

I dwell on things and stress myself out over nothing.  Small humps often become huge mountains in my world.  I’m going to have to learn to change my thinking before I drive myself and those around me insane.  I believe that would be very beneficial to my health, but changing is never easy.  Maybe I’ll figure it out one of these days.

I hope everyone is having an awesome day/night wherever you may be!  Be brilliant!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Piano Tuesdays

I've wanted to learn how to play the piano for a long time now. I don't know how to read music but I do know which keys are what. I just can't seem to get my memory and my hands to all work together at the same time. My main problem is that I don't spend enough time on it and I get discouraged too easily. Around here Mondays are a day to rant about whatever and Tuesdays will be all about playing the piano. I will also set aside this day every week to practice. If you know how to play the piano please post whatever tips you may have to help those of us who are trying to learn. I'll update everyone on my progress and if you're learning too please let us know how you're doing. What do you love about it and what is driving you crazy?

We shall see how this goes! Be brilliant!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Today I'm Angry About...

I've never liked the idea of ranting about my life and letting the whole world read about it. I see it on Facebook every day and some things that people say make me shutter. It just amazes me how much people will divulge about themselves and their lives on the internet. I admit that I've written a couple of posts and an article that could be considered ranting, but it took me days to actually post or publish them on the internet. I thought about every ramification it could cause before I went through with it. I'm a naturally happy person. I'm optimistic and always try to see the good in everything, but I'm human and I do get angry...real angry. I don't like being angry and I don't want the world to know about it when I am. I see it as my own personal struggle, but I've decided to try something out for a while. Around here, Mondays will be known as Rant Day. Most people despise Mondays anyway so I thought it was fitting. I'll rant about what is pissing me off and I hope that my few faithful readers will feel comfortable enough to share what is pissing them off as well.

So here we go...Today I'm pissed off because so many people take too much for granted. Their lives could be ten times easier, but they choose to make things difficult by making horrible decisions over and over. I understand that you learn from your mistakes, but at some point there should be more lessons learned than mistakes made. Some people just don't get that. All I can do is to continue to live my life the way I've learned to do through the mistakes I've made and hope that some day these people will do the same. When the life your living starts threatening your life, then it's time to make a change.

Even through the anger and frustration---Don't forget to be brilliant!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Relationships and Stress

Life has been a bit more stressful lately, but there is still no place where I’d rather be than right here with the most wonderful man I’ve ever met. Stress has the ability to destroy relationships if it’s not dealt with and stress is everywhere. The bills are piling up, work sucks and someone is always sick…that’s just a few that many people experience on a regular basis. If you and your significant other don’t work as a team then stress will lead to constant fighting and eventually it will completely unravel your relationship before you even realize what’s happening.

It’s important to always communicate about everything. Even if it seems insignificant to you, your significant other may feel more strongly about it…so talk about it. Make plans together on how to deal with the stressors your facing. Sometimes it’s easier to shut yourself off from the world when the stress is too much. Don’t do it! It will make your significant other feel alone and start breaking down the family dynamic. This will only cause more stress.

Stress can’t be avoided, but there are many ways to reduce it. Talk it out, make a plan and take steps to fix what’s wrong. Avoiding it will only make it bigger. I hope everyone is having a great day/night. Keep on keeping on and don’t forget to be brilliant!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Lilfe is Short

The past week has been one of the most stressful in my entire life.  My illnesses have been in overdrive and one of my best friends in the entire world passed away suddenly and totally unexpectedly.  I feel like my world has been going in slow motion.  I’m just trying to keep moving forward even though nothing really makes sense to me right now.  Thank God for my awesome boyfriend, who has done everything he can do to keep me going!

I apologize for what I’m about to say, but life is a bitch sometimes.  I can’t censor that.  Despite the sadness I’m feeling right now, I still believe everything happens for a reason though.  Life goes on, even when you sometimes wish it would just stop, even just for a moment so you can catch up.

Life is short so be brilliant while you still have the chance!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Finding Inner Peace and Strength

We strive to find inner peace and strength, but most of us will never find it. We are too busy letting stress take over our lives. Instead of taking one day at time, we let ourselves get overwhelmed by what we have to do today, tomorrow, next week and even next month. On top of that we constantly worry about how others perceive us. All of these negative things overcome us and we forget about all the positive things that are happening around us. If we only seek to find the negative things, then this is all we will find. We can choose to be miserable and to hate life or we can choose to embrace it and find the good things in life and to learn not to dwell on the bad things that will inevitably happen. We can’t control everything that happens around us, but we can control how we respond to these things. Life is full of surprises. We can choose to roll with the punches or we can sit in a corner and wait to die. Personally, I’m going to roll with the punches. If life is going to take me down, then I’m going to go down fighting.

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