Monday, October 28, 2013

Relationships and Stress

Life has been a bit more stressful lately, but there is still no place where I’d rather be than right here with the most wonderful man I’ve ever met. Stress has the ability to destroy relationships if it’s not dealt with and stress is everywhere. The bills are piling up, work sucks and someone is always sick…that’s just a few that many people experience on a regular basis. If you and your significant other don’t work as a team then stress will lead to constant fighting and eventually it will completely unravel your relationship before you even realize what’s happening.

It’s important to always communicate about everything. Even if it seems insignificant to you, your significant other may feel more strongly about it…so talk about it. Make plans together on how to deal with the stressors your facing. Sometimes it’s easier to shut yourself off from the world when the stress is too much. Don’t do it! It will make your significant other feel alone and start breaking down the family dynamic. This will only cause more stress.

Stress can’t be avoided, but there are many ways to reduce it. Talk it out, make a plan and take steps to fix what’s wrong. Avoiding it will only make it bigger. I hope everyone is having a great day/night. Keep on keeping on and don’t forget to be brilliant!


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