Monday, December 2, 2013

Today I'm Angry About...

I've never liked the idea of ranting about my life and letting the whole world read about it. I see it on Facebook every day and some things that people say make me shutter. It just amazes me how much people will divulge about themselves and their lives on the internet. I admit that I've written a couple of posts and an article that could be considered ranting, but it took me days to actually post or publish them on the internet. I thought about every ramification it could cause before I went through with it. I'm a naturally happy person. I'm optimistic and always try to see the good in everything, but I'm human and I do get angry...real angry. I don't like being angry and I don't want the world to know about it when I am. I see it as my own personal struggle, but I've decided to try something out for a while. Around here, Mondays will be known as Rant Day. Most people despise Mondays anyway so I thought it was fitting. I'll rant about what is pissing me off and I hope that my few faithful readers will feel comfortable enough to share what is pissing them off as well.

So here we go...Today I'm pissed off because so many people take too much for granted. Their lives could be ten times easier, but they choose to make things difficult by making horrible decisions over and over. I understand that you learn from your mistakes, but at some point there should be more lessons learned than mistakes made. Some people just don't get that. All I can do is to continue to live my life the way I've learned to do through the mistakes I've made and hope that some day these people will do the same. When the life your living starts threatening your life, then it's time to make a change.

Even through the anger and frustration---Don't forget to be brilliant!


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